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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  May 24, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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tonight a new controversy from marion barry. after misspeaking during an apology to the asian community.
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chuck brown's family announces plans for d.c. to remember the godfather of go-go. we'll tell you what new research suggests about c-sections and the potential impact on the weight of the child. good evening. i'm jim vance. >> and i'm doreen gentzler. thank you for joining us for news 4 at 11:00. several students got sick at the roslyn metro station. they were part of a 200 person tour group that had just finished a walking tour in d.c. they were on the metro heading toward arlington when several kids started feeling ill. three of them were taken to a hospital to get fluids. it appears they may have been overwhelmed by walking in the heat 37 temperatures made it into the 80s today. could be even hotter tomorrow. veronica's in for doug tonight. veronica? >> it will be plenty steamy this weekend. it certainly is going to feel like summer has arrived. as far as those storms out there this evening, once again they hit in the same locations just west of d.c. where some areas didn't get a drop. 69/100 of an inch of rain in
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warrenton. nokesville over an inch of rain. columbia county 63/100 of an inch of rain. it absolutely poured. now we're just left with some showers to the north and some fog that started develop to the south and west. so it will be a foggy morning. and while our temperatures have felt like they've been around, 85 degrees the last couple of days with modest humidity, get ready for a lot of humidity and some very sticky conditions. details coming up. >> thanks, veronica. now to a guilty verdict in an awful hit-and-run accident that killed a senate candidate in maryland. the woman convicted ran over a bicyclist, then drove home with the bike lodged under her vehicle. jackie bensen has our report now from upper marboro. >> reporter: 43-year-old christie littleford was found guilty of failure to remain at the scene of a fatal crash and negligent driving. the woman she hit, 30-year-old law student natasha pettigrew, was an idealist, an athlete, and a green party candidate to represent maryland in the u.s.
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senate. >> even as this verdict is rendered, no one really comes out a winner because so many families have been devastated. we've all lost. the littlefords have lost. i've lost. >> reporter: on september 19th, 2010 pettigrew was on a training ride on route 202 in largo when she was hit by a cadillac escalade that kept going with her bicycle lodged under it. prosecutors say littleford's husband notice td when she got home. >> jury did not buy her explanation that she thought she hit a deer and that she went home and returned to the scene. the fact of the matter is that there was a bicycle tangled under her car with sparks flying from the bicycle. >> reporter: pettigrew's mother says she took great comfort from the actions of two strangers who stopped to help her dying daughter. >> i think it's harder to sleep at night knowing you that just kept going instead of stopping. >> just to know that i was there and she knew somebody was there with her.
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>> reporter: littleford will be sentenced on august 3rd. she faces a maximum of ten years in prison. reporting from upper marboro, jackie bensen, news 4. yet another apology may be in the works for councilman marion barry. today the ward 8 council member apologized to the asian-american community for some disparaging remarks he made after winning re-election. then, while discussing the history of broader racial tensions, he used a term for polish immigrants also considered offensive. >> the italians caught hell. the irish caught hell. the jews caught hell. polacks caught hell. >> barry later said he meant to use the word poles. before that remark he pledged to be more careful in choosing his words and said he wanted to work with all groups to make ward 8 a model for diversity. he also said for today's meeting with asian community and business leaders was a productive one. tonight, we have learned
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that the plans to remember chuck brown, the godfather of go-go, will be right here in the district next week. shomari stone is at the howard theater now with more on that. shomari? >> reporter: jim, that's right. thousands are expected to pay tribute to chuck brown. many tell me they can't wait to hont music legend. chuck brown passed away last week at age 75 of complications from pneumonia. the public viewing is at the howard theater on tuesday may 29th. from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. in northwest d.c. >> i think it's real nice to do that in this neighborhood where he once used to come through. >> the public memorial service is at the washington convention center thursday may 31st 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. fans will say their final good-bye to the godfather of go-go music. >> he touched all of us in some point of our lives. you know, we've all been to block parties and shows. he's just very -- made an impact on the city. it's going to be very big. and i'm very excited.
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>> reporter: indeed, a lot of people are excited. now, photography is not allowed at the viewing. city officials recommend that you take the metro out here. they say parking is limited. live eyre in northwest d.c., i'm shomari stone, news 4. >> thanks, shomari. tonight a second aide has admitted wrongdoing in connection with a year-long criminal investigation of d.c. mayor vincent gray's 2010 campaign. howard brooks admitted that he lied to the fbi about payments to suleman brown. brown was a minor candidate who claims he was paid to verbally attack then mayor adrian fennee. court documents reveal brooks and two other aides 23u7b8d at least $2,800 to brown. it is unclear whether mayor gray had any knowledge of the scheme. he is not commenting on the case. on the eve of the 33rd anniversary of one of the nation's most publicized missing child cases new york police have announced an arrest in the disappearance of etan paits. dan cheneman has our report
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tonight. >> reporter: nearly 33 years to the day since 6-year-old eitan paits disappeared while walking to the school bus an arrest. >> the new york city police department is announcing the arrest of pedro hernandez. >> reporter: according to police hernandez, shown here in a photo obtained by "inside edition," spoke to detective for more than three hours and confessed to killing the child. >> hernandez described to the detectives how he lured young eitan from the school bus stop at west broadway and prince street. with the promise of a soda. >> reporter: investigators say a tip led police to hernandez's new jersey home. >> hernandez had told a family member and others that he had "done a bad thing and killed a child in new york." >> reporter: back in april police spent several days searching a basement along the route the child would have walked to catch his bus. >> i believe it was the focus given this case in april that
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sort of brought forth the knowledge that this person had about the statements that hernandez had made in the past. >> reporter: the disappearance of etan patz ushered in an awareness of missing children across the koircountry. and now an arrest and perhaps a first chance for an answer to a 30-year-old mystery. dan sheneman, nbc news. the man who planned an extravagant business conference for the general services administration is out. jeff kneelee was responsible for setting up the now infamous conference in las vegas in 2010 it cost taxpayers $830,000 and included commemorative coins, a mind reader, and a bicycle building workshop. the conference led to a federal investigation of the gsa's spending and the agency's director has resigned. john edwards took a break from his court case today and went to the baseball -- went to a baseball game. edwards and his daughter kate watched part of the game between north carolina and miami while the jury was deliberating.
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the jury asked to review more evidence regarding edwards' alleged use of campaign funds to hide his pregnant mistress. but the jury reached no verdict on this fifth day of deliberations. they'll go back at it tomorrow morning p. in the race for the white house new polls show president obama with an edge now in three key battleground states including virginia. according to an nbc news/marist poll the president leads mitt romney by four points in virginia and florida and by six points in ohio. but in each of those states he is under 50%. in all three states romney has a slight lead among male voters while president obama maintains a double-digit favor among women. donald trump will be rolling out the red carpet to help mitt romney at his luxury resort in las vegas. the event on tuesday night has a $2,500 minimum to get in. newt gingrich is one of those expected to attend. trump officially endorsed romney back in february. he recently told a magazine he's also considering starting his own super pac to try to
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influence the election. in news for your health tonight, new research finds babies born by caesarean section are stwies as likely to be obese by the age of 3. researchers at the children's hospital in boflt studied more than 1,200 mother-child pairs for this study. c-section babies had a higher body mass index and skin fold thick's in by the time they were there 3 when compared to kids born naturally. researchers speculate that c section babies are born with more intestinal bacteria that may increase inflammation, insulin resistance, and the production of fat deposits. a new warning for the national park service as we head to the unofficial start of summer. the warmer weather comes with an increased risk for injuries and drownings on the po toem ack river and even experienced boaters need to be careful. a local woman says she almost lost her husband, an avid canoeist, in the river last year. >> rescue teams found jack on the virginia side offshore
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floating on this debris. they were in the water for about 2 1/2, 3 hours. >> there have been more than a dozen drownings in the potomac since 2008. park officials say swimming and jumping are not allowed in the gorge section of the river between great falls and the key bridge. life jackets are a requirement for all boaters. in honor of memorial day soldiers from the old guard placed flags at arlington national cemetery today. the small u.s. flags are now flying in front of all of the more than 220,000 grave markers there. flags also were placed at the tomb of the unknowns and at the area of the cemetery where the ashes of the veterans are held. this tradition dates back more than 60 years. still ahead tonight on news 4 at 11:00, community outrage forces a school to change its policy after banning a cancer patient from graduation for being four credits short. new questions for facebook tonight after the company unfailed a photo sharing app just a month after paying a billion dollars for insta gram. and the official hurricane
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forecast is out as bud turns into a major storm in the pacific. what's predicted
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a new photo app from facebook has some analysts scratching their heads tonight. facebook camera makes it faster for iphone users to post photos to their facebook pages. but experts are questioning the move because facebook recently bought the photo-sharing app instagram for a billion dollars. a company spokesperson says 40
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million people use instagram and facebook camera is aimed at the more than 800 million users who don't have instagram. a christmas tradition in ohio is in danger now. two teenage vandals attacked that town's famous polar express. that's a vintage train used to take kids on fantasy rides to the north pole and back during the holiday season. police say the teenagers admitted to breaking 28 windows with heavy rocks. each of those windows will cost at least 28 -- i'm sorry. each of those windows will cost at least $2,000 to replace because of their historic nature. now to a story generating headlines across the country. a high school senior in boise, idaho will now be able to walk in her high school graduation. after all, hailey winters has been battling cancer and is four credits shy of graduation. her one goal this spring was to walk with her classmates. originally the school district ruled that winters could not participate even with her medical condition because it was against district policy.
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winters recently finished a year of intense chemotherapy for a cancerous brain tumor. >> it happens to be a small percentage of people who get deathly ill and needed to be hospitalized for about a week every month. >> reporter: the school district released a statement on its reverse of the decision, saying this is a "unique situation." winters plans to finish those last credits over the summer and get her diploma in the fall. start of the hurricane season is still a week away but we've already seen our first tropical storm. hurricane bud churning now off the pacific coast of mexico tonight. today forecasters gave us an idea of what the rest of the summer may hold. mark barger has our report. >> reporter: last year it was one of the busiest hurricane seasons ever. 19 named storms, including irene, which caused balances of dollars of damage in the northeast even after it weakened to a tropical storm.
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>> there's no such thing as just a tropical storm. >> reporter: that's why the national oceanic and atmospheric administration tempered today's forecast of a normal hurricane season. they expect 9 to 15 named storms with 4 to 8 of those strengthening into hurricanes. >> as we saw nearly 20 years ago, it takes just one major landfalling hurricane to make for a bad season. >> reporter: in 1992 hurricane andrew, a category 5, blasted south florida with catastrophic damage. it came during a late-starting hurricane season that produced only six storms. the wild card in this year's forecast is el nino, a weather phenomenon that could form in late summer. >> el nino tends to increase the wind shear. wind shear tends then to suppress or even kill off hurricanes. >> reporter: even though hurricane season activity has been above normal, 12 of the past 17 years, no major hurricane above a category 3 has made u.s. landfall in six years.
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>> just we're predicting a near-normal season doesn't mean anybody's off the hook at all. >> reporter: mother nature has proven she doesn't always heed predictions. mark barger, nbc news. >> that is so true. and we've already got another tropical storm forming on this side of the -- >> right. in the atlantic. we already had one form this weekend. now we could have another one form just off the southeast coast, which is really rare before hurricane season even starts here. before june 1st. well, that would be beryl if it formed. we'll take a look at that in just a moment. right now we'll take a look around the area because there are some breaks in that cloud cover. you'll see a little bit of those puffy clouds there and some stars. just a few. so getting some breaks looking at a partly cloudy to mostly cloudy start to the morning. but those breaks in the clouds also means that we're going to be looking at some fog across the area. 73 the temperature with a wind out of the south at six miles per hour. so that wind also skritical
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helping with the nfog. the wind pretty light across the area. here's where the rain was earlier. the dry conditions just to the east of that area, and now just some showers left north. leesburg, frederick, that's about it. areas east of i-95 might have a few stray showers for early tomorrow morning. and speaking of tomorrow, it is going to be warm, it is going to be sticky. we're going to be on the other side of 85 degrees. notice the breaks in some of the cloud cover there throughout the area. just an isolated shower possible. that is it. again, a partly sunny day. then as we move through the weekend for saturday there's another system that's going to start coming in and that could provide an isolated sure to the area. the bigger storm, this one down here off the southeast coast that could become tropical storm beryl. and that moisture may be making its way northward by monday. hopefully it will stay away up. water temperature 66 degrees. the only hurricane we might be talking about is the cocktail
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variety. 77 expected on saturday at the beach. ocean city very nice conditions here. the winds will start to pick up a little bit as we move into monday. 79 to 80 degrees. just fine at the beaches for the weekend. mostly cloudy with a bit of fog around the area. we're already seeing some fog around culpepper and down to our south and west. 62 to 67 degrees. light wind for tomorrow morning. on the other side of 87 degrees. 85 to 87. warm and sticky. while it has been a little uncomfortable around our area, last couple of days it's going to get very uncomfortable. hot conditions getting up close to 90 degrees, and pretty sticky too with heat index values, what it actually will feel like, more around 95 degrees. so saturday right now looking dry. sunday is looking dry. and monday, just a 30% chance of a shower, passing shower, or maybe thunderstorm. that heat stays with us on tuesday. but then we'll watch the mercury drop and cooler conditions for the end of next week.
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>> it's going to feel like summer, isn't it? all right. thanks, veronica. still ahead tonight, it's kind of like a food truck but for fashionistas. and it's parked here in the district for the next couple of weeks. weeks. and in sports, indiana, good
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still thinking of replacing the truck? i just don't know where to start. glad you made it. start by choosing from over 30,000 used cars and trucks. carmax. start here. pacers looked good in the first quarter. >> you called this one, didn't you? >> yeah, i did. wasn't that hard, though. >> i think a lot of people -- after a miserable five-point performance against the pacers in game 3, dwyane wade seemed lost. pundits, everybody except jim vance said the heat were toast. wade put on earmuffs and
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enlisted the help of his former college coach, tom crean, who just happened to be close by because he's now the head coach at indiana. wade watched some game tape and returned to form. as the heat won the next three games to close out the series. the latest win coming tonight. here's the mvp, lebron. and buddy dwyane wade, who were on a mission tonight. pick it up in the second quarter. heat up by two. indy turns it over. this one off the backboard. this is a fast break clinic. wade drops it off for lebron. lebron had 28 points tonight. but he was not the story. later on, still a two-point game. they get the ball in to the big guy. roy hibbert. and the former hoya with the hook shot there over joel anthony. nice little shot. 12 points for roy in the game. one-point game. good ball movement here. check out the super high bank shot by dwyane wade over the 7-foot hibbard. even he couldn't stop that.
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then with time running out in the third lebron with a spin move and out to mario chalmers. part of a 9-0 run for miami and and they take control. hibbard gets picked. wade just slicing through everybody. gets the hoop and the foul. he had 41 points and ten rebounds. the heat win it 105-93. they will play the winner of the sixers or the celtics. the nfl players association filed a collusion lawsuit against the league, and they do believe that it will stand up in court. the players believe the owners had a secret salary cap during what was supposed to be an uncapped 2010 season. here's union chief demaurice smith. >> simply stated, cartels do what cartels will do when left unchecked. there are fundamental principles that must apply given the game and the business of football. one of those fundamental principles is that we have a collective bargaining agreement as we have had before that
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obligation both parties to adhere to the rules. when we feel those rules are violated, we will on behalf of our players always act in their best interest. >> time will tell. if you google bobblehead companies, you get 2.6 million results. so major league baseball going to have some options to replace the company that made a bobblehead of phillies pitcher roy halladay. you see, halliday is a two-time cy young award-winning right-handed pitcher for the phillies. one of the best in the game. but he could never pitch with a glove on. check this out. that's a right-handed pitcher's windup. the bobblehead has a glove on the right hand. how does that get through quality control? >> what quality control? >> i mean, how many levels of quality control does a bobblehead company have? you can only imagine several. that's i am why possible. >> that's a cricket fan.
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it's kind of like a food truck except fashion in the truck. for the first time ever d.c. shoppers have a chance to shop boutique style on wheels. this is a style-liner. it used to be a potato chip delivery truck, but in 2010 joey wofford transformed it into a boutique on wheels with everything from a $20 bracelet to a $1,500 jacket. joey says traveling as a former
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trend director inspired her idea. >> my personality is not one that's married to sort of one location, one spot. so you know, the idea of being able to be around and sfol the customer and go to their houses was kind of appealing to me. and with the food truck phenomenon it just felt very natural. >> the style liner is here in d.c. through june 17th. you can find it in the du pont circle area on wednesdays and down in georgetown on thursdays through sundays. where can they park that big thing in georgetown? or du pont.
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>> nbc celebrates 20 years with jay leno. thanks for making them so great. >> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes glenn close.